Resignation of Caldora, CGIL worried: "The bureaucratic slowness

Personal reasons would be the basis for the resignation of the director of orthopedics in Arezzo, Patrizio Caldora. The news arrived yesterday afternoon in a few hours he went around the city and gathered the unanimous comment of displeasure from the citizens, especially from those who needed his professionalism.

Caldora wants to leave her job immediately after March 31st. Meanwhile, the ASL is committed to finding an acting director while waiting for a competition.

Marco Vitelli, a member of the Fp Cgil for the health of South East Tuscany, expresses his concern:

"We are worried about various fronts and we do not allow the bureaucratic slowness of a new competition to affect the health of citizens, so we are worried about the sector, the lacquer in public health and a professional professional who worked in a team It is not possible to have any time for a competition to replace the empty one seats. "

Even more extensive preconciliation on the Fate of San Donato and the Vasta Area:

"If you leave an important name, recognized, and sought after for its professionalism – added Vitelli – these leads to a weakening of the medical sector and the one-dog hospital can compare to another."

Concern is thus expressed in Valdichiana by the municipal Union of the PD of Castiglione Fiorentino which raises a series of questions and doubts:

How does the company intend to compensate for the loss of professionalism of such great value? Here we are witnessing a brain drain from Arezzo's health, and we do not want public health to abdicate in front of the private, albeit conventioned. We are because health is everyone's.

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