Right to health and future of the Madonite landscape.

Ruggero Razza, in the Madonie landscape Mounts the concern on the decision of the Health Ministry to put the birth point of the hospital in the aftermath of the adoption of the new hospital network, by the Councilor of Health of the Sicilian Region "Madonna SS. Of the High" by Petralia Sottana. In this regard, this afternoon, starting at 15:00, wants to be a public assembly, organized by a group of willing madoniti.

Giulia Grillo (M5S), owner of the Dicastery in Lungotevere Ripa, did not intend to acknowledge the condition of discomfort – especially in the winter – to add, from the high Madonie, the nearest garrisons of Nicosia and Termini Imerese.

Concern that has completely subscribed to the new "Network" has confirmed the claims of mayors of the Madon, contained in the latest corporate act approved in Corleone in April 2017.

At the "Alto" the new program wants to bring orthopedics, cardiologists and, of no small importance, to maintain the simple unit of gynecology and obstetrics.
It remains to be seen how the new Director General of the ASP of Palermo, Daniela Faraoni, with the limited staff resources available, intends to guarantee emergencies related to the emergency department and who are not transferable to authorized birth points.

In the obstetrician, – a leading figure in the path – in 24 h service, prepares and secures the pregnant woman.

Ignazio Maiorana, Sunday, January 13 at 15:00, at the headquarters of the theater of Rabbat Petralia Sottana (former convent of the capuchins).

Maiorana, the irreverent journalist and poet, Cyrano madonita, through the art of irony, does not just impose the "scalpel", sarcastically, on issues related to the right to health of resilient madoniti; knowing him, he wants to use his "feather" to face the innumerable critical situations that grip the landscape.

From the "Rabbah" of Petralia Sottana could start an interesting path of awareness on the condition of life of the resilient, as we read in the invitation formulated by the organizers, "take action" to reorganize and cope with the atavistic difficulties.

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